Mold Growth During Winter Months
Mold Growth During Winter Months

Mold Growth During Winter Months

Mold Growth During Winter Months

As you prepare to host holiday/New Year’s parties, the last thing you want to see is mold in your home. Mold is known for growing in damp settings, with many people assuming that warm temperatures also serve as a key catalyst for growth. But is this true? Today, we are taking a look at the facts when it comes to mold growth in the winter. 

Does Mold Grow in the Winter?

Yes, when winter weather rolls in, so does rain, snow, and ice. These frequent weather elements create a lot of moisture and could contribute to mold growth throughout the season. Some rumors suggest that cold weather actually kills mold growth, but this is not accurate. Different types of mold can actually thrive in certain temperature settings, including the cold. Even though mold spores don’t die because of the frigid weather, it is possible for them to become inactive. Once the temperatures rise, however, the spores will begin multiplying and growing throughout that specific area. 

Additionally, the warmth from space heaters and your furnace can lead to mold growth. This is because the heat those devices produces has nowhere to go since you don’t have any windows open or fans running, creating an abundance of humidity. Over the next few months, keep your eyes peeled for mold growth in the corners of your home. Mold is more likely to spread in these spaces due to colder temperatures and increased humidity. Other spots to keep an eye on include areas you should be checking anyway, like ceiling tiles, wooden walls/paneling, insulation, etc. 


To try and keep your home protected from mold growth in the winter, consider the following measures: 

  • Make sure any summer items you are storing away in the attic/basement are dry and covered in a bin/container.
  • Run a dehumidifier.
  • Avoid leaving piles of wet clothes and towels.
  • Keep carpets, rugs, placemats, etc, from areas that may become wet.
  • Practice common mold prevention tactics like fixing leaks, cleaning areas with mold-killing products, etc.

Call Mold Medics

If you see mold in your home, try not to panic! Read our other blogs to learn about the best ways to fight mold growth. If you would rather leave the process up to the professionals, our team at Mold Medics would be happy to help! We offer mold removal, radon testing, air duct cleaning, and more to make your home safe. Contact us today for a free quote by clicking here or calling (888-828-6653).

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