Don't Let Leaky Appliances Sink Your Home

Don’t Let Leaky Appliances Sink Your Home

Our customer was in a difficult position. She had been living in her condo for many years and was ready to move on to be closer to family in Texas. Unfortunately, she encountered an unexpected problem when the appliance company installed her new refrigerator – they did not tighten the water line enough, causing it to leak onto the kitchen floor which led to mold growth in the baseboards and drywall. We removed the affected baseboards and drywall and replaced them with new ones.

Keep in Mind…

Nowadays, it is extremely common for appliances to be cross-threaded. To save money, appliance companies will use plastic threads instead of metal ones to hook up their appliances to water lines. However, this makes it very easy to cross-thread the connection. The fit won’t perfectly align, and they are cross-threaded on the plastic side, which causes leaks and the need for repairs. It’s essential to look over a contractor’s work when they’re done. Even if you aren’t knowledgeable about the work that was done, big mistakes like loose pipes or missed treatment areas will be noticeable.

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