Preventing/Treating Mold on Shoes
Preventing/Treating Mold on Shoes

Preventing/Treating Mold on Shoes

The later stages of summer and autumn are a great time to get outdoors and explore the world around you. People often go on hikes, head to festivals, and enjoy a number of other activities. During these adventures, your shoes may encounter all kinds of terrain, wet conditions, and more. This could potentially lead to you discovering mold on your favorite shoes the next time you go to wear them. This month, we will look at how your shoes get moldy, what you can do to prevent this from happening, and how the mold can be cleaned off.

Why Do Shoes Get Moldy?

As we referenced above, your shoes can get moldy quite easily if you are frequently outdoors. Whether you are wearing shoes in the rain, get them wet while washing the car, or just sweat a bit too much, moisture can get trapped in your shoes and create mold. You may have noticed how damp the insoles of your shoes stay after they get wet. If they never get dried out properly, it is easy to see how a mold outbreak can occur.

How to Prevent Mold Growth on Shoes

If you are looking to cut the risk of mold growth on your shoes, just follow some of these simple steps:

  • Use silica gel since it is a drying agent.
  • Clean your shoes after wearing them.
  • If you store shoes in your closet, keep the door shut to keep humidity low. 
  • In line with our previous tip, keep your closet keep to keep the air fresh.
  • Keep your shoes dry while wearing them.

Cleaning Mold on Your Shoes

Cleaning off your shoes is easier than you may think. It just takes a few supplies and even fewer steps. Before you begin, gather your shoes, a cloth, a towel, vinegar (or rubbing alcohol), a bucket, water, and a firm brush. 

Once you have what you need, follow these steps:

  1. Take your shoes outside to prevent mold spores from spreading throughout your home.
  2. Use your brush to clean off your shoes.
  3. Mix a half cup of vinegar or rubbing alcohol and water into your bucket. 
  4. Dip a cloth in the mixture and wipe your shoes down. 
  5. Dry off your shoes with a towel and let the shoes sit until they are fully dry.

Contact Mold Medics

If you encounter a serious mold outbreak in your home, Mold Medics is happy to help! We are trusted throughout the Pittsburgh region as the area’s top mold removal experts. Just contact us today for a FREE quote. Just call us at (888) 992-7947 or contact us online to get started.

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