Mold in Your Apartment? Here’s What to Do

Mold in Your Apartment? Here’s What to Do

It’s no secret that mold problems can be a huge headache for homeowners, but that headache can be amplified for apartment/rental homeowners. It’s always best to address these issues as soon as they are discovered, and Adam Debrowski over at Redfin has written an article to help you understand the steps you’ll need to take to address your apartment or rental homes issues.

To get an expert’s perspective on this issue, they reached out to Mold Medics to give some tips on ways to prevent mold issues from appearing in the first place. “It’s critical to keep up on exterior maintenance to prevent mold-related issues,” Tim Swackhammer, CEO, and owner of Mold Medics said. “Sagging gutters, broken downspouts, cracked caulk, and leaky windows are some of the most common sources of water intrusion into a home, and over time can lead to a big mold problem. When water enters the home from the exterior like this, it can take a long time before anything is noticed inside the home, then when the walls get opened up, large amounts of hidden mold growth can be hiding in the wall cavity.”

You can read the full article to learn what to do when mold is found in your apartment by clicking the link down below!

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