Mold Remediation: When Do You Need a Professional?

Mold Remediation: When Do You Need a Professional?

For homeowners, mold infestations certainly aren’t fun – where it’s located and how severe it is directly dictates the costs of remediation services. Sometimes, you can fix it on your own to save money, while other times you’ll need to enlist the services of a trustworthy mold professional like us here at Mold Medics. The hard part, however, is knowing how to differentiate between the two. 

There are several distinct signs that can tell you what jobs require professional remediation services. Follow these guidelines as a roadmap on where to begin and how to address your mold problem at a reasonable price. 

What Caused the Mold? 

Identifying the cause of your mold problem will usually dictate the extent of the work that needs to be done. It could’ve been caused by water damage, high humidity levels, poor insulation or other common mold-friendly issues. They need to be addressed immediately to keep the mold from spreading.  If the mold is already visible and in a centralized location, you can probably fix the issue yourself and don’t need a professional to conduct an expensive mold pre-test. 

However, mold isn’t always visible. Sometimes it’s the smell of dampness, mold or mildew that spurs a homeowner to take action, and unfortunately, the smell is less helpful when determining where mold may be lurking. It could be underneath the surface of your flooring, drywall, tile or bathroom – making it difficult to inspect, clean and repair the issue. 

That’s when we’re there to help with our highly-effective six-step remediation process that ensures your mold problem will be gone for good! If the area of concern gives off a mildew-like smell without direct signs of mold, schedule a consultation to receive professional advice on the extent of your infestation. 

Size Does Matter
The size of the area affected is always an accurate indication of the extent of your problem.  For mold growth beyond a 10-foot diameter, seek help from a remediation specialist who has the tools and expertise to get the job done efficiently. It’s important to understand that toxic black mold can cause serious health risks – especially to children, the elderly or those with pre-existing pulmonary conditions – and should always be handled professionally. 

Isolated areas of mold growth on non-porous surfaces like metal, plastic or glass can usually be cleaned by the homeowner without much of a concern, considering mold grows on the dust that has settled on the surface and not the actual surface. However, with porous surfaces like drywall, it is best left to a professional, as proper containment is of the utmost importance to prevent cross-contamination. 


The location of the mold in your home is critical when weighing your options to solicit professional services or tackle the problem on your own. If the mold is in hard-to-reach places – such as inside drywall, crawl spaces, attics and piping – it will be difficult for you to address the problem on your own. Professionals have equipment that allows us to reach even the tightest spaces in your home. 

When in doubt, have it tested – whether it’s to determine if a mold problem exists or to determine the scope of the problem and find a solution.  Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about Pittsburgh’s best mold remediation process, our environmentally-friendly services and exceptionally fair pricing!

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