How to Prepare for Your Air Duct Cleaning
How to Prepare for Your Air Duct Cleaning

How to Prepare for Your Air Duct Cleaning

Your air ducts circulate your heating and cooling throughout your home. Over time dirt, dust, and debris accumulate in these channels, negatively affecting the comfort of your indoor environment. Professional Air Duct Cleaning will eliminate the contaminants and restore your indoor air quality. If you’ve never had this essential service performed, the following guide will explain how to get ready.

1. Remove Clutter

Before your duct cleaning, make sure that the contractors can easily reach all the air vents in your house. Remove and secure any breakable items. If there’s a couch in front of your vent, for instance, slide it out of the way for easy access. With fewer obstacles, the professionals will be able to complete the task faster.

2. Check Your Furnace & A/C Unit

If you’ve stored any items near your furnace, hot water tank, or A/C unit move them a few feet away. This will make it easier for your technician to clean components of your entire HVAC system, such as grilles, registers, and fans.Have a new replacement filter ready.

3. Secure Your Pets

Our staff is filled with animal lovers! We want to make sure to protect your pets to the fullest. The crew will leave your doors ajar while they clean your air ducts. If you have any pets, you’ll want to secure them before we arrive by putting up gates or leaving them in a separate room. Also if you have any litter boxes or puppy pads, we ask that they be cleaned prior to arrival.

4. Do a Walk Through With the Contractors

When the contractors arrive at your house, give them a quick tour of your home. Show them where all the air vents are located and direct them to the other elements of your HVAC system. If you plan on leaving your home while the contractors clean your air ducts, remember to give them a phone number to reach you.

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