How To Make A Low Cost Air Purifier

Here is a fun weekend DIY project that costs less than $90 and will instantly improve your indoor air quality. The device is called a Corsi-Rosenthal Box or a Comparetto Cube. The device was designed during the COVID-19 pandemic to combat airborne particles. This homemade air purifier will not only help with airborne viral particles but also small particles like dust and mold. To learn more about the device’s history click here. You can also search the Corsi-Rosental box online and there are several different design options and easy-to-follow plans.

You can also watch our video tutorial via CLICKING HERE!

Here is what you need:

  1. 4-5 20x20x1 inch furnace filters. The MERV rating should be a minimum of MERV 13 or similar.
  2. 20-inch box fan. 
  3. Regular or colored duct tape
  4. Cardboard
  5. Utility Knife 

Tape the four filters together forming a cube to start. Made sure the arrows on the side of the filters are pointing in. The air will be drawn into the middle of the cube once the fan is mounted.

Next, place the cube on a large piece of cardboard and use a marker to measure the base. Outline the cube and then cut the cardboard to that measurement. This is the bottom of your air purifier. Tape the bottom to the four-sided filter cube.

Next, place the box fan on top of the cube and have it set to the air if blowing upwards. Take all the seems you have a tight seal. I added a cardboard faceplate/shroud to the fan which helps improve airflow and reduces power and noise.

Once the fan is secured in place plug in the device and set it to the desired speed. Congrats you just improved your indoor air quality and made a safer environment for you and your family!

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