Don't Let Your Green Thumb Lead to Moldy Fingers
Don't Let Your Green Thumb Lead to Moldy Fingers

Don’t Let Your Green Thumb Lead to Moldy Fingers

Recently a customer found mold growing around his sliding glass door in the upstairs kitchen. Our inspection found that the high humidity levels were the cause—they were almost 3 times the amount it should be during the winter! When we asked if he know what could be affecting his home’s environment that drastically, he showed us his basement he had retooled to be a greenhouse. The greenhouse might have been growing carrots and lettuce, but it was causing too much humidity and mold growth. All the humidifiers and devices they used to keep their crops at particular humidity levels vented their moisture at the ceiling, causing mold issues upstairs.

What you should learn from this

Whether it’s an underground garden or that cute succulent on your desk, it’s important to have proper ventilation to avoid mold growth. Having living plants in the house can create ideal circumstances for mold growth, adding to the risk of a potential issue. Homes are built to handle water for bathrooms, kitchens, and people. Don’t forget that introducing extra water, humidity and moisture into the atmosphere may cause issues. You need to know not only what you need for your succulent, but also how to maintain your home’s ecosystem. It is important to make sure to balance your home’s ecosystem with what your plant needs. After all, who can resist those adorable little plants?

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