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Hospital Grade Disinfection Services

Mold Medics has been using hospital grade disinfectant in homes and business for years to help combat unwanted microbial growth. Now we want to bring our experience and knowledge of disinfection, containment, personal protection equipment (PPE) and cross contamination to you by providing our services to disinfect your indoor or outdoor environments. As a leader in residential and light commercial environmental services, we’re proud to be able to offer high quality disinfection services using EPA- Registered products that are safe for use around people and pets.

By applying a disinfectant through an electrostatic sprayer, we ensure a more uniform application, with better coverage without the need to over-apply chemicals. Unlike many companies offering disinfection services, Mold Medics technicians will first contact clean the “common touch” surfaces throughout the home to remove contaminants from these surfaces prior to the disinfection application. This allows the disinfectant to make contact with the surface directly, rather than sitting on top of whatever dust or debris are settled on the surfaces.

Our Disinfection Services Include...

  • Direct Cleaning of common touch surfaces:
      • All Handles
        • Fridge
        • Freezer
        • Door
        • Cabinet
        • Drawer
        • Etc.
      • Tabletops
      • Counter Tops
      • Bathroom Faucets
      • Light Switches
      • Trash Cans
      • Thermostat
      • Remote Controller
      • Keyboard/Mouse
      • Etc.
  • Electrostatic application of an EPA-Registered broad spectrum disinfectant throughout the areas to be disinfected.

Do you need my home or office disinfected?

As you can imagine, we get this one a lot, so we went ahead and wrote an article about this very topic! Check it out here.

More About The Disinfecting Solution

The disinfecting solution we use hospital grade quality, and is safe around people and pets. It is the same disinfecting solution we have been using to disinfect homes from mold and bacteria for years, and is made from two natural non-toxic ingredients; salt and filtered water.

It’s created by a process called electrolysis, where salt is electrically separated into its two main ions; Sodium and Chloride. Once separated, the Chloride is mixed with fresh water to create a strong sanitizing solution. Our disinfecting solution has demonstrated effectiveness against multiple small non-enveloped viruses on hard, nonporous surfaces. 

Our Disinfectant's Effectiveness on COVID-19

Our disinfectant solution has demonstrated effectiveness against viruses similar to COVID-19 on hard non-porous surfaces. Therefore, this product can be used against COVID-19 when used in accordance with the directions for use against Norovirus or Rhinovirus type 37 on hard, nonporous surfaces.

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