Complications Caused by Renovations

Complications Caused by Renovations

An issue we see all too often is water being redirected into homes after renovations are done to the exterior of the home. Changes in your driveway, drainage system, and even the yard may alter how outside water sources interact with your house. Sometimes, even if you’re not the one that changed it, it can still cause a problem!

For example, one of our customers has a backyard located at the bottom of a hill. After the house at the top of the hill was renovated, our customer found that her neighbor’s new drainage system emptied into her yard. Despite investing in a new French drain system, our customer still experienced water intrusion issues that led to mold in her basement.

The Bottom Line

It’s important to be aware of what is happening in your neighborhood. Something as seemingly small and unimportant as the house next door being remodeled can have a big impact on your home’s drainage. It’s vital to keep tabs on these things so you can find and fix potential problems before they cause serious damage. This homeowner had a lot of work done outside her house to repair a water issue because of renovations done on another person’s home. Additionally, because the source of this issue came from outside of her home, the insurance company will not help pay for the damages.

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